Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Strawberry Resurrection

I thought they were done for the season, but the strawberries are making a comeback. Blossoms, buds, and even one bright red strawberry have emerged (circled in yellow). I took this picture last night during a break from the heavy rain we got yesterday. Temperatures were cooler, too--in the 60s during the day! I actually had to wear a jacket, and for the first time in months, I wore pants to work (as opposed to a skirt. I don't usually go bottomless ;))  Between the weather and all the school buses on the road, I guess summer really is over.


  1. I love the cooler fall temperatures, maybe we'll be get some soon. My son's first day back at school is today, yipee!

  2. I have no regrets about the end of summer, except for not being able to keep the door into the garden open, I love autumn and all that it brings.

  3. Good you have a new crop going. The ants always get mine first.

  4. I had to take out an extra blanket last night. Feels like summer was shorter this year.

  5. Your strawberry plants sound a mite confused. Ours are absolutely finished for this year.
    Your other comment makes me smile about"wearing pants to work". The saying
    "two countries divided by a common language" springs to mind.....


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