Monday, September 12, 2011

Purple Beauties

{deep sigh}......What a September this has been. I'm going to avoid the emotional topics that have been in the news lately, especially in DC--hurricane/tropical storm/heavy rains and floods, the September 11 anniversary, and general job/economic woes--and instead post something completely superficial. (However, NY Magazine has interesting coverage/tributes of the 10-year Sept 11 anniversary, if you're interested).

Purple is my favorite color, and purple fruits and veggies fascinate me because there just don't seem to be that many of them {don't even get me started on how totally awesome purple potatoes are}. I tried growing purple bell peppers last year but didn't have any luck getting purple ones from a "miscellaneous variety" seed packet I bought. So this year, I specifically ordered Purple Beauty seeds.

It was worth the wait. My Purple Beauties are stars! The plant has been cranking out peppers steadily in the last few weeks. 

So far, I have harvested one pound of purple bell peppers.  Next up: cooking a couple and freezing the rest. The Purple Beauty plant, along with the Sweet Chocolate plant, have grown so much that Husband transplanted them both to bigger pots over the weekend.

sweet chocolate peppers waiting to ripen

P for Purple Pepper!

Like all our other peppers, the Purple Beauties and Sweet Chocolates are in containers and have done very well in their pots. They were both grown from seed. The Sweet Chocolates haven't changed color yet, and I hope that I get to see them turn that nice dark chocolate brown color as promised on the seed packet. But for now I'm very happy with the purple peppers. :)


  1. Sweet Chocolates - oh, they sound so good! Loved seeing your purple peppers. I love purple tomatoes! Any vegetable that's purple just looks like it has more flavor.

  2. You are lucky to have so many peppers - my pepper production has been disastrous

  3. Lovely, lovely peppers! This was my first year growing the chocolate peppers. They are so pretty and so delicious!

  4. Hooray for purple! A friend asked me once to make her a white cake. I told her that white is a color not a flavor. What does purple taste like? ;o)

  5. Cool peppers. Dark and scary. I love how peppers come in colors. I imagine red cucumbers...

  6. Thanks for the comments, all! I have to say, we do OK growing peppers. Squash, tomatoes, and other things seem to be hit and miss, but peppers are fine.

    @SageButterfly--I want to see your chocolate peppers!

    @CasaMariposa--Haha! Purple tastes yummmmy! :)

    @linniew--thanks! I like the darker colors too. :) I would love to see a red cucumber.

  7. Beautiful purple deliciousness!

  8. We had great success this year with "royalty" bush beans. A lovely purple!

  9. i love the purple "p"! it's funny that we both tried to get purple from a pack of mixed sweet pepper seeds last year, then gave up and bought the same variety of purple pepper seeds this year. mine are producing well too. they waited a long time to get started but now they're taking off.

    i still don't like the taste of them so much, and i think maybe i just found out why--the purple stage isn't fully ripe. turns out they ripen to a deep shade of red.

  10. I saw these plants at the garden store and almost bought a couple. Now I'm wishing I had! But I'm also glad to know that I should wait for them to fully ripen if I do try them. We tried fingerling eggplant this year and when I saw the first photograph, I thought this was another kind of eggplant. I guess deep purple (aubergine) is the new red LOL. (It's actually my favorite color.)


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