Friday, November 11, 2011

30 Day Thanksgiving Challenge - Day 9


You know what, I'm thankful for the Internet. As nice as it is to get away from technology every now and then, I wouldn't be doing this challenge if not for the interwebs.

Since I began gardening, I've enjoyed connecting with other people all over the world who share this hobby. It's fun to see what people are growing and eating and where they travel. It's also a great time waster (hello, Pinterest), a great resource for things I'm interested in (such as veggie gardening, seeds and vegetable growing tips, and food), and a place to find obscure things that I absolutely can't live without (like the sandwich coasters above. Yes, I own them and use them at cook-outs. Classy, no?)

{I'm linking up with The Whimsical Gardener's 30 Day Challenge to post about something you're thankful for every day. I'm not able to post every day, so I'm combining days. All my posts related to this challenge are found under the giving thanks tag.}


  1. Those are a riot! The internet is a fabulous thing!

  2. Love your coasters!! Almost as cool as my cat butt magnets. :o)

  3. Amen. The internet is amazing to what you can find.


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